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DMT Records Highest Monthly Turnover During Lockdown

DMT has again recorded their highest monthly turnover to date during lockdown, smashing their highest month to date.

The record month comes on the back of rapid expansion, as new starters were hired across all departments. The agency’s headcount now sits at 28 – more than double the employee count at the beginning of the pandemic.

The Covid pandemic had an unforeseen effect on business across the globe, however the agency has seen monthly turnover increase by 75% since the beginning of lockdown – thanks to strong eCommerce performance, client retention and new business.

The agency made new hires across all parts of the business, allowing them to widen their service offerings from paid social, PPC, design and social media management – into the likes of email marketing and Shopify websites.

DMT director and co-founder Darren Hughes said:

During this difficult period we have unfortunately seen the economy struggle and businesses being forced to make hard decisions such as redundancy and even closures.

We are very lucky that online marketing was one of a few sectors that actually became a necessity and an integral tool for business to be able to continue to trade online.

We have seen the increase of online sales hit record highs and businesses achieve their highest recorded monthly sales because of the power of online marketing, and due to this demand Digital Media Team have embraced the growth and committed to expanding all our internal teams.

About Digital Media Team

Digital Media Team specialises in paid advertising for eCommerce companies. Their partnership with Facebook ranks them in the top 5% of digital marketing agencies worldwide.

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